Thursday, 11 February 2010

Shouting free speech away

Below are two videos from the past week. One shows the abuse levelled at Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren when he spoke at UC Irvine in the States; the other shows some of the heckling at the Oxford Union on Monday, when the Israeli deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon spoke.

Both show a complete disrespect for the principle of free speech, as though because the speakers are Israeli officials, their voice is not to be heard but shouted over - even if there is a room full of people who have chosen to go and hear them.

Oxford demonstration from Jewish Chronicle on Vimeo.

1 comment:

  1. The tactics these thugs use to obstruct debate and discussion on such a critical subject is parochial but not unexpected considering the ilk. Many of those present, along with their parents hail from nations with suppressive regimes, where such an outburst would probably cost them their lives.

    They take advantage of the universities platform on freedom of speech, forgetting that universities are centers for education and for the individual to come to their own conclusion through civil debate, not racist outbursts that incite and dehumanize others.